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When it comes to your overseas vacation or corporate travel, no matter how you plan every single detail out, unexpected things can happen. This is why having international travel insurance is a must. Travel insurance serves as a safety net against the chance of unforeseen events ruining your trip. Events such as losing your baggage or passport, flight cancellation, and even emergency medical expenses that might be incurred. 

If you encounter emergencies during your trip, your travel insurance policy will be able to provide for personal accident and medical expenses. In addition, it makes you worry less about dealing with loss, theft, and damage to your personal items or suitcases. In some countries, they made it mandatory for their visitors to have travel insurance. Travelcare is Uganda’s most reliable independent travel agency dedicated to providing services such as international travel insurance, flight bookings, and tour packages for your leisure or corporate travel. Travel with peace of mind and find the right travel insurance coverage for your trip!

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