Your safari at a glance

Our Mountains of the Moon adventure takes you to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park which is located in south-western Uganda along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The fabled Mountains of the Moon are higher than the Alps and Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley is Africa’s third highest peak with a height of 5,109 meters. Africa’s fourth and fifth highest peaks (Mount Speke and Mount Baker) are also located in this national park. Climbing this mountain range is a once in a lifetime adventure and rewards the visitor with views of truly breathtaking landscapes and high altitude plantations, pastures, jungle type forests and wetlands fringed with swamps and rivers.

The Rwenzori Mountain Service provides climbing and hiking packages based on 8 stages trekking of the Central Circuit Trail which includes climbing the tallest peak, Mount Margherita. It is advisable to anticipate additional days on the mountain due to unforeseen circumstances or additional peaks of the central circuit climbed.

Pelican in Uganda

Day 1 – Arrival in Entebbe / Kampala.
Transfer from airport to your accommodation.

Day 2 – Entebbe / Kampala to Kasese.
Transfer to Kasese in north-western Uganda.

Day 3 – Rwenzori Mountains National Park.
Nyakalengija (1615m asl.) – Nyabitaba Camp (2651m asl.)
Briefing with climbing guides and porters.
Climb to Nyabitaba Camp at 2,596 meters.

Day 4 – Rwenzori Mountains National Park.
Day 2 on the mountain: Climb from Nyabitaba Camp to John Matte Camp(3505m asl.)

Day 5 – Rwenzori Mountains National Park.
Day 3 on the mountain: Climb to Bujuku Camp (3962m asl.)

Day 6 – Rwenzori Mountains National Park.
Day 4 on the mountain: Climb to Elena Camp (4541m asl.)

Day 7 – Rwenzori Mountains National Park.
Day 5 on the mountain: Elena hut – Magherita Peak(5109m asl.) – Kitandara Camp (4430m asl.)

Day 8 – Rwenzori Mountains National Park.
Day 6 on the mountain: Kitandara – Guy Yeoman (3261m asl.)

Day 9 – Rwenzori Mountains National Park.
Day 7 on the mountain: Descend Guy Yeoman – Nyabitaba – Nyakalengija (1615m asl.)
Transfer to Kasese and overnight stay.

Day 10 – Kasese to Entebbe / Kampala.
Return to Entebbe / Kampala with overnight stay.

Day 11 – Departure from Entebbe.
Airport transfer and departure from Entebbe.