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3 Tips for Planning A Successful Business Trip

Corporate travel made a significant shift during the Covid pandemic. Trends have shown more and more companies are turning to travel agencies to manage their business travel. Looking up the latest travel regulations, filling out paperwork and rescheduling flights are all issues that your travel advisor at Travelcare manages in the background to ensure a smooth business trip. Here are our tips for managing corporate travel effectively:

  1. Ask your travel advisor for the latest requirements. Why spend hours navigating through websites when your travel advisor has the latest updates from governments, airlines and airports. When should you have your PCR test? Do you need to quarantine at your final destination? These are the questions your Travel Advisor can research and answer.  
  2. Remain adaptable. Regulations are changing on a regular basis and there is a chance your flight may be delayed or cancelled. In this situation, would you rather be on hold for hours with automated call centres or make one call to your Travel Advisor who can rearrange your plans on the spot?
  3. Think about your bottom line. There is a common fallacy that booking business travel yourself will be cheaper. The reality is that Travelcare travel advisors have access to deals that will get your company more bang for its buck. They also have exclusive rates to hotel perks, such as car hire and airport transfers, which will enhance your corporate travel experience. 

Travel agents demonstrated their value over the past year, especially when travellers experienced unexpected changes to their 2020 trips — whether it was a flight cancelled by the airline or a personal decision to call off a vacation because of quarantine requirements. And as travel still looks uncertain for the foreseeable future, booking through a travel agent could save you headaches should your itinerary change.